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We are moving

We have found a new home for our David Hopkins Classes, we are moving to Brenda Blakemore Premises, I shall leave a map on bottom of the note with Postcode and full address.   We have been trying to find a warm, clean, and more appropriate premises for us all to train in, from 9th February at 11pm we shall start training at the Brenda Blakemore hall, Rainham.

We have chosen this hall also because it is still near the majority of our members, we will try to keep the website and blog more up to date this year as we get more organised in our classes.

Notes for all

I like to make all parents and pupils aware of when they are ready for grading, I shall give you all the dates for the next grading, but I stress do not be pressurised into grading because of my natural enthusiasm as grading is a choice and not compulsory.   You are welcome to take grading as slow as you or your child wishes to.

We have had 4 children of our own and been through the martial arts, ballet, football, swimming, brownies, guides, scouts and many more routes during our children growing up and with four children it was hard to keep up with the time and financial costs of all these activities so we fully understand.  We just love to see you children come and enjoy and get fit with us.


Chandlers Chatters

Brenda Blackmore Community Centre

Davies Close


RM13 9JL

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