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GRADING 14th SEPTEMBER 2014 at Headquaters

We have grading today at

Tang Sou Dao Headquaters, Grand Master Loke


Amie, Amar, Daniel W, Mackenzie, Molly, Tommy,  

all from Rainham, Master David Hopkins Classes


 Message from Master Hopkins

On the 14th September I was delighted to attend the upgrading session held by Grand Master Loke at Grays Headquaters where no less than 6 of my students were being tested.  

Congratulations to Molly, Amie and Mackenzie for all passing their 1st Test being promoted to yellow stripe 9th Ji.    A special well done to  Amie as she is only Four but demonstrates a maturity well beyond her age.  

Amar advanced to yellow belt 8th Ji.  

Tommy passed his test to orange belt 6th Ji.  

Lastly Daniel W. whose impressive back kick earned him praise from Grand Master Loke and Master Knight who was also in attendance.   This promoted daniel to Blue stripe 3rd Ji.

I look forward to the next grading’s as there is at least 10 more students attending the classes who call all pass their 1st test in addition at least 6 students are preparing to advance beyond their present belt, including Georgia training hard for her blue belt 2nd Ji and Daniel H who at just 12 years of age is preparing for his red belt 1st Ji.

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